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Well we’re back my favorite ghouls and goblins. Let’s talk about your Halloween wishes and pumpkin dreams for your Halloween parties!! Ever thought of a scary theme Zombie theme party aka the walking dead? The great thing about the crazy scary good-looking selfies is that you get 3 more tries! If your first selfie is

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Weddings and Photo Booths

Want a fun cheap and affordable way to bring the crazy silly personalities out at your beautiful wedding? Let me tell you about the fun wedding crashers of your party, I’m talking the Vince Vaughn of party crashing! Photo-booths ladies and gentlemen! Weddings and photo booths have become synonymous with one another!!! A beautiful marriage

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Now let’s talk “ABOUT LAST NIGHT”. This is a package created by OS and Posh (a club hop company) that is geared towards the bachelor and bachelorette’s coming to Vegas for a good time and a wild experience. We take you on a 6+ hour adventure that includes a hotel room pre-party with cocktails and

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Marketing your brand at launch parties/grand opening

“Here is a fast fun way to market your launch parties, grand openings, etc and make it memorable to your clients/guests for a long time to come!” Here are a few tips to get your launch parties/grand openings out to the public. Going to be completely honest with you guys, I thought long and hard

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